Captain Ken,

When I first contacted you to secure a date in which my son and I could hire you as a fishing charter, I felt comfortable and confident that we would soon have memories and stories to last a long time.  I appreciated your interest in understanding our level of accomplishment within the sport of fishing... and what my expectations would be when we secured the "Let's Catch Fish" experience.

Your urgency for us to consider Canadice Lake in the middle of August would soon be much appreciated.  Talk about picturesque!!  Throughout the trip, not only did we have tons of fun catching bass and pickerel with you .. but as important to us was the education you shared regarding different fishing techniques/ ideas while using a variety of artificial lures.  Perfect for our weekend, novice approach to the sport.  Yeah, that's right.... I now refer to fishing as a "sport" (ha ha).

I know that I will always remember the excitement on the face of my 9 year old boy, and the pride he has gushed for weeks reliving how and where he landed his first 3 lb. largemouth (not to mention the frequency in which we recalled every detail of our outing in story-form, over and over again)!

I'm certain we will fish again soon with Let's Catch Fish, and we can't wait to reel in some monsters with you and Samson!

Enthusiasts for life,

- Alan and Nick Caretta